Sunday, August 31, 2014

BzzAgent - vs - Influenster - vs - Smiley360

That's right...battle of the Word of Mouth Marketing Sites. No....not really. Actually, people who know me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and in life in general are always asking me what my favorite 'review' site is. Truth be told, I absolutely love them all! Sure, some more than others, but they're all so much fun. So instead of answering that question, here you go...

If you are considering joining one of these sites (or all of them), I compiled a list of pros and cons for each. Please keep in mind that this is only from my experience and is purely opinion. Other than being a member of all three sites, I am in no way sponsored or endorsed by them. My sole intent is to give you an unbiased mini review of each!

So....lets just get started, shall we?
In no particular order...
Actually, yes, in alphabetical order...

Organized: The site is very easy to maneuver and campaign tasks are always well prepared. They are also excellent about getting products out in a timely manner and even allow you to track when items have been shipped.
Email Marketing: You know those companies that send you emails constantly? This isn't one of those! BzzAgent will only send you emails when you are on a campaign or on special occasions. Campaign emails are far and few in between and are only to remind you to complete tasks.
Variety: Products to review vary from beauty products to food to pet products to alcohol to toys and you name it! The possibilities are endless.

Interests: Many times it seems that you are chosen for products you aren't overly excited about and don't get the ones you would love. There are, at times products that fit your lifestyle to a T, but you never receive an invite. Demographics play a large roll, but I believe it would be beneficial to choose based more on interest.
Equality: While some people have 3 and 4 campaigns going on at once, others have none. Again, I'm sure demographics play a huge roll but I think spreading the campaigns out more between members could be beneficial.

Quantity: Influenster is coming out with new VoxBoxes to review all the time! Whether it be a box with 1 item or a box with 6, they're always teasing us with what's coming next.
Competition: Not only do you get to keep the products that are sent to you for review, you get the chance to win MORE! There are brand challenges on the site that can be completed for the chance to win. You can enter on Facebook for chances to win. You can even join Twitter parties and win additional prizes or future VoxBoxes.
Items: In the 'themed' VoxBoxes (as opposed to brand specific), you are given not one, but five or six and possibly more items to review. More times than not, they are also full sized products. With having so many products to complete tasks for, it doesn't get boring or repetitive.

Repetition: Several of the products that come in a box will also be in several other boxes in the future. It would be nice to get different products every time. However, with the amount of products in each box, this would probably be a difficult feat.
Organization: Behind the scenes, Influenster may have everything under perfect control...but I just don't see that as a member. I never really know when competitions/etc. are going to end. You also never really know when you will receive your items, be it VoxBoxes, Prizes, etc. Often times, prizes will take months to come without notice. There are also times when you will get your VoxBox tracking number AFTER you have already received the box. Not a huge deal, but still worth noting.

Simple: Mission tasks for Smiley360 are always so quick and easy. Read the task once and you're good, no guesswork needed!
Fun Extras: When you get your mission in the mail, you can usually expect to find a surprise or two! Not only do you get the product, but you usually get a few extras to help you along with the mission. I have gotten everything from mustache tattoos to 'thought bubbles'. The small details really do help 'make' the mission.
Time: Once you are on a mission, you are given plenty of time to complete it. I have never felt like I needed to rush to get my mission finished before the deadline. If you're a procrastinator...well...then I guess you're just out of luck!

Repetition: Instead of offering new missions from new brands, it seems like the same items are being offered for review in a cycle. There have been a few products for sure that I have seen being offered for missions on separate occasions.
Lack of Missions: Perhaps I just don't see or hear about all of the missions that come about, but it seems like they are far and few in between at times. It also seems that missions are hard to qualify for. But again...demographics!

And that's a wrap!
As you can see, none of the three are perfect as nothing is. When it comes right down to it, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons for every single one of these sites. I hope this review was helpful and I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

Ta-ta for now!


Disclosure: I was not in any way, shape or form compensated for this review. I was not even encouraged by the above companies. All opinions are 100% my own.

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