Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Lemon Essential Oil Review

Pure body naturals Lemon Oil is 100% pure & natural making it perfect for many purposes. This lemon oil is perfect as a cleaner, in aromatherapy and for adding scent to skin/beauty products. The large, 4 oz. size is ideal for daily use and will last for a long time. With purchase, you will also be provided with a separate dropper for ease of use.

When I received my package, the oil bottle was packaged well inside a small box inside of a bubble mailer. When opening the packaging, I was glad to see that the oil came with a separate dropper. I do not like to keep a dropper in my oils as it may build up in the top rubber and eventually dissolve. I was also very pleased with the size of the bottle. I use essential oils for all of my cleaning needs and it can go very quickly. Having this 4 oz. bottle, I'm not having to buy new bottles of oil by the month.

Of course the scent is also very important. When I received this product in the mail it was a super cold day and the oil was pretty chilly. When I first smelled this, it didn't have as much of a lemon scent as I expected and was a bit 'bitter'. However, I believe that the cold may have effected this somewhat. Once it warmed up to room temperature, I gave it another try and by golly it was better! still wasn't as strong of lemon as what I expected, but don't get me wrong, there was def. a strong scent there. It was also less 'bitter' than it was the first time.

Next up was the fun part....testing it out! The first thing I used this oil for was cleaning the floors. I just took a bucket of water, added a few drops of lemon essential oil and got scrubbing. Let me tell you, my floors looked so shiny and bright! Not to mention, the house smelled nice and clean.

Then....I attempted to get some blue ink out of my beige rug in the living room. It is beyond me how the ink got there....but ya know....things happen. So....I added a bit of oil to my carpet shampooer. I instantly noticed that the stain got slightly lighter. Well....after many passes I just could not get it completely out. With high hopes and a little fear that it would bleach my carpet, I put some UN-diluted oil on the spot. Yes...I know you probably shouldn't do that...but... it worked! I went over it with the carpet shampooer after about 10 minutes and the stain was gone! Sure it took some time, but hey, it was worth it! Not only did it take the stain out, that spot looked sooooooo bright compared to the rest of the carpet. Of course, I went over the entire rug to even it out. Looked like brand new!

Lastly I created a room spray which you see (kind of) pictured above. I simply added about 1/2 cup water, 3 drops of lemon oil and 2 drops of ginger essential oil. Boy did this smell great! If you don't like the striking tangy scent of lemon, the ginger really warms it up and just smells great! I use this as a room spray as well as on fabric/linens. It's also safe for pets which is always a plus for anyone with furry...or feathery...or scaly friends!

Overall, I was really pleased with how effective this product was! While I expected a bit stronger scent, I still enjoyed the product. You can buy your own bottle on Amazon.


I received the mentioned product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I love essential oils and use many of them for health benefits but never knew you could use the lemon oil for cleaning. I have all natural slate floors in my house and regular floor cleaners leave a film over them leaving them looking dull and unclean. After this wonderful review I will be trying this lemon essential oil on my floors. So happy to see that I can find it on Amazon as I love using my AmazonSmile account to purchase the majority of my needs. As they give a donation to my favorite charity, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, every time I make a purchase!


    1. Thank you for reading!
      Yes, def. give lemon oil a try! It works wonders!
      I've never heard of AmazonSmile before. I'll have to look that up! :D