Saturday, July 7, 2012

BIC Soleil Savvy

Soo....I have something new to share with all of you! I have become a member on It is a site where you test products and leave reviews on them for others! I was lucky enough to participate in the BIC Soleil Savvy Campaign! Part of the campaign is to make a blog post about Soleil Savvy. I am!!

You know those times when you really need to shave but your last disposable is dull and gives you razor burn? Or...the time when you use the last blade on your razor, but the replacements are sooooo expensive? I believe I was given and answer to both problems!

When you buy the BIC Soleil (Disposable) Razor, you get the razor plus 4 extra blades! Yes, that's right, I said 4 extra blades on a disposable razor! When those 4 blades are gone, you cannot buy replacement blades. You simply buy a new Savvy razor that comes with another 4 blades. Yes, I admit, just reading this description you would assume it's going to be expensive! I thought the same until I actually saw the razor! I was just curious of the price so I stopped in to Wal-Mart. $6.97, they were $6.97! I was amazed! I typically pay around $4.00 for a package of disposables that don't last more than 1 or 2 shaves! The value is most definitely worth it!

Yeah, yeah everything has it's up and downs. I've told you a couple good things, but of course they aren't perfect. I mean, what is perfect?

-Comfortable to hold
-Comes with 4 Blades

-Blades could last a bit longer
-4 Blades instead of 3 would be beneficial
-Blades should come in container as they are easy to misplace

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