Monday, October 1, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection

Okay, first of all y'all - I FREAKING LOVE GLADE!!

So, as a member of, I was accepted to a campaign for Glade Expressions. I was sent a coupon for a free Oil Diffuser Starter Kit as well as a Fragrance Mist Starter Kit! Let's start with the Fragrance Mist...

Frangrance Mist:
As always, I wanted something fruity. My options were Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice; Lavender & Juniper Berry; Cotton & Italian Mandarin; and Pineapple & Mangosteen. My first instinct was to grab the Pineapple, but it was gone (of course it was, who doesn't love pineapple?!?). only other choice was really Fuji Apple & Cardamom, so that's what I got.

Now, there isn't really a whole ton to say about this. Everybody (I hope) has used glade spray at some point or another. The only really cool thing about it is that it comes in a fancy 'case' if you will. When you tear the Glade plastic off of the outside, it looks like this:

Therefore, you can put the spray anywhere and it'll look like part of your rooms decorations. How handy is that!?!? Of course pretty much all Glade scents are yummy, so of course this was no different!

To the Oil Diffuser Kit:
I'm not the kind of person to ever really go into the store and buy something like this. But...seeing as it was free, I obviously wasn't going to pass it up!! Duh...why would I!?! Again, I got to choose from several scents. My options were Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice; Lavender & Juniper Berry; and Pineapple & Mangosteen. Thank the heavens above, there was a Pineapple & Mangosteen left! I got home with it and put it all together and such, still not knowing whether I would really like it or not. I set it up on my desk (I see it right now!!) because that is where I am a big part of the day. It blended well with rest of my natural wood themed room, but I didn't smell anything. I left for a while to go get something to eat and kind of just forgot about it. Later when I came to open the door, OH EM GEE! I wanted to EAT it. Not kidding you, EAT IT! It smelled soooo good! Apparently it had taken a while for the wick (or whatever you call it) to soak up the liquid before it released into the air. Let me just say, I have a pretty small room, and the scent was STRONG. I'd say this could be used for a pretty big area!

So...all in all, I ended up not giving these a second thought, to wanting one in every scent and in every room of my house!! If any of y'all are hesitant about these, don't be! I promise, you'll love them!!

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