Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

Woohoo!! If you read in my previous blog, I had received the Violet VoxBox for free from Influenster! Infuenster is a product review site where you occasionally get to try new products and leave your honest review! There are all sorts of fun activities that you get to do to win additional prizes as well! Writing a blog just happens to be one of them!

Anyhow..onto what this blog is about!
So basically, one of the items in the box was this Montagne Jeunesse clay mask! I thought it was so unique and different and chose to do an in depth review for all of you lovelies! So here we gooooooo!!

First things first:
What is this?

Have you ever went to a spa and had mud/clay put on your face? Or maybe you saw it on TV? Well this is an at home version with a twist. With a twist, I mean a huge, incredible twist! Instead of squeezing the mud/clay into your hands and rubbing onto your face, this literally is a mask in a pouch! No kidding! I'm sure you're probably curious as to what it looks like so I'll post pictures below! It is literally a piece of fabric infused with clay (Glacial Clay in this instance). The package is approx. the size of my hand with the mask nicely folded up inside. Sure the mask isn't attractive but you're probably the only one who will see it on you anyhow. After all, it's meant for relaxation and cleansing, not to get a date! ;)

How do I use it?

5 simple steps! Easy to follow and right to the point as instructed on the packaging!
1. Cleanse
2. Apply mask
3. Relax for 10-15 minutes
4. Massage
5. Rinse

What does it feel like?

Well, the fabric has a feel almost like a face cleansing towelette. Maybe even similar to a baby wipe. You cannot really see much clay on the mask, but you certainly can feel it. It is a bit slippery but not so much that it is hard to work with.
When you put the mask on your face it instantly 'clings' to your skin and is very 'cool'. It stays that way until you remove it and is super relaxing! I found myself accidentally going over the recommended 15 minutes! Ooops!! When you remove the cloth your faced feels refreshed and then quickly turns 'crisp' if you know what I mean. The clay starts to dry on your skin like a typical mask. This is probably my favorite part about it. It feels so good once you start to rinse it off!


Overall, I LOVE this product! This was my first time using Montagne Jeunesse and I certainly hope that it isn't my last! I'd love to get the chance to try more! I hear they also make products for your feet! How cool would that be to try!?!?! Please be sure to visit their website as well as social media sites to find out more!

Thank you all for reading and ta-ta for now!

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