Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MunchPak Candy Subscription Box Review

Yay!! How amazingly exciting! I had the chance to try my very own snack box thanks to MunchPak!

Munchpak is a monthly subscription snack box that lets you try goodies from all over the world! This would be a great alternative to NatureBox, Love with Food, Skosh or Graze Box! You even have the option to choose which size box you would like to order. Here are your options:

MunchPak Mini - $7.95 - 1 lb.
Original MunchPak - $13.95 - 2+ lbs.
FamilyPak - $24.95 - 3.5+ lbs.

What?!? Under $8 for a subscription box that weighs at least 1 pound?! Yes, really!! For the
record, I also weighed my package when I received it. It was indeed 1 lb. Actually, a bit over! You won't be disappointed either...that box of goodies that you see up there...yep, that is the MunchPak Mini!! Can you believe it? Neither could I! I expected 4 or 5 items...but 11 things for $7.95? That blows my mind! I'd love to see what all comes in the Original or FamilyPak!
To put the cherry on top, the packaging is pretty neat! Instead of topping the package off with bubble wrap, you get to read (or try to read) some foreign newspaper! Of course I wasn't able to read any of it...but I did see familiar faces!
Nothing is 100%, 100% of the time. So if I were to recommend something, it would be to include an information card. Nothing fancy, just something telling us what the candy/snack is and where it originates from. Of course you can always do some research (which is fun anyhow), but some are very difficult to find as all of the packaging is written in a different language. Or you could even post on the website what is in each box for the month!

So anyway, we all want to know what was in the box, right? I've done my best to find out where all of these candies/snacks are from. Please keep in mind, they are not 100% accurate! I also took the time to photograph each piece and will describe the flavor as accurately as possible. So here we gooooo!

Kasugai Grape Gummy Candy
Origin: Japan
Yep, grape flavored fruit snacks! While the flavor is similar to fruit snacks that we would eat here in America, the texture is not! These are quite a bit softer and more like an extremely thick grape jam.
Rating: 4/5

Peach HI-Chew
Origin: Japan
As you can tell, these look very similar to a Mamba or maybe even a Starburst. The outsides are white, with a pale pink tint to the center. Kind of like a white peach! Again, the flavor is very similar to peach flavored candy that we would eat here in America. And again, the texture is quite different. Though you would imagine them having the chewiness of a Starburst, they don't! Instead, they are literally like a cross between a Starbust and a Gummy Bear! Delicious none the less!
Rating: 5/5

Vanilla Eugenia
Origin: Romania
If you can imagine the flavor of a vanilla sandwich cookie (Vanilla Oreo), you can pretty much imagine the flavor of this biscuit! The only difference that I can easily pick out is that the Eugenia has a slightly softer, more flakey cookie! Of course, the shape is also different!
Rating: 5/5

Bourbon Vanilla Cookie
Origin: Japan?
Woah! I didn't expect to find a cookie inside of this package! I thought for sure it would be some sort of chocolate candy bar! Nope! To me, this tasted just like a less sweet version of a sugar cookie! Super moist and chewy. So tiny that it keeps me wanting more! Could this maybe be intended as a 'tea' cookie? Yum to the taste, boo to the size! (:
Rating: 4/5

Origin: Japan
I couldn't read anything on the packaging so I had to scour the internet to find out what it was! In the packaging, you get a pair of chopsticks and a package of thick, pink 'gel'. You squeeze the thick gel onto the chopsticks and basically knead it! You can see in the picture that it turns from a bright pink, to a cotton candy pink. Honestly, I think this is more fun to play with than it is to eat. To me, it was just like eating a really thick sugar syrup! Taste and texture that is! Crazy stuff I tell ya!
Rating: 3/5

Kroki Kroket Flips w/ Peanuts
Origin: Croatia?
OMG! Cheese puffs! Nope, nope, definitely not cheese puffs! Sure they make look like them, but they are peanut flavored! Whaaaat!? Sniff inside the bag and they smell like peanuts. Eat one and they taste like....uh? I really don't know. To be honest, they don't have a whole lot of flavor. Perhaps they just taste like peanut oil? I guess I'm not really sure! The texture as you can imagine, is very similar to cheese puffs.
Rating: 2/5

Pretz Salad
Origin: Japan
Bet you thought you were going to see pretzel sticks, right? That's what I thought. Similar, but nope! Honestly, these are SOOO much better than regular pretzel sticks! To me, they taste very similar to the little bread nuggets that you get in Gardetto's. They aren't as hard as pretzels and nearly melt in your mouth! I could eat these on a daily basis! Yum!
Rating: 5/5

7 Layer Dip Combos
Origin: America
Though I'm sure most people have probably already tried these, I'll review them just in case! Basically, they are crackers with a 'cheese' filling. The cheese is similar to that of which comes out of a spray can. The flavor is similar to a cheese/salsa dip. Very yummy! I just wish they had more filling than what they do!
Rating: 4/5

Choco Cream Hello Panda
Origin: Japan
Oh for cute!! Chocolate cream filled biscuits with sport playing pandas printed on the front of each! Each biscuit is also the shape of a Panda head. My nieces and nephew would go crazy for these (me too)! To me, these taste just like chocolate chip cookies. Of course they don't have the chocolate chunks, but instead a thick, creamy chocolate filling.
Rating: 5/5

Green Tea Mochi
Origin: Japan
Wowowow!! What in the world did I eat? By far the most interesting piece in the box! Just by looking at this, I thought for sure it would be the consistency of chocolate. Boy was I wrong. Instead, this has a similar consistency of a marshmallow but a bit more firm. The inside has a thick gel-like green tea filling. The white part was very mild and I really couldn't place the flavor. The green paste was where the 'green tea' came from. While that also was not very intense, it is what gave the candy most of its flavor. While it was extremely fun to try such a crazy treat, it isn't something that I would eat often.
Rating: 2/5

Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch Treat
Origin: America
These are very similar to many other cereal bar type foods that you have. Basically like a granola bar with Cap'N Crunch in the granola's place! Anything peanut butter flavored has to be delicious and this was no different. I just wish the bar was slightly larger. I had never tried these before receiving this box, but will def. be on he lookout for them. Yum!
Rating: 4/5

Overall, I was amazed by the contents of this box. For $7.95, I felt like I was not only buying an 'experience' like no other, but also getting my money's worth in snacks! You can't beat that. There are many, many similar boxes out there but this is the best I have come across thus far. I'm a fan and know you will be too after just 1 box! So, what are you waiting for?!? Get your own box HERE!


Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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