Friday, July 11, 2014

Ice Ball Mold Review

Have you guys ever seen these crazy things before? either..until now! Basically what these do is create perfect round ice chunks to put in your drink. 
Not only do they make it look nice, they also melt much slower than a standard sized ice cube. Therefore, it will keep your drink cooler for longer and won't water it down as much! Though many people prefer these for alcoholic drinks, I don't drink and so I use them just for fun (and to keep my drink from watering down quickly of course). They also can be placed in your dogs water bowl to play with (the ice...not the mold, lol!). I have yet to try this!
Anyway, the silicone molds in general are very heavy duty and great quality. It also comes with a small collapsible funnel that makes filling the molds quick and easy.
The first thing that I did as recommended, was washed them all up. Then you simply put the top and bottom together (very easy to do), put the funnel in the little hole at the top and fill to the black dotted line. The reason for the extra air space at the top is to allow the ice to expand while freezing. Then, simply put them in the freezer and wait!


When I went back after about 5 hours or so, I was bummed to see that the balls had overflown and there was a stream of ice down the side. However, it was very easy to just break off. The second time I tried making them, I didn't fill the water quite to the dotted line and then it worked fine.
I tried prying apart the two pieces to get the ice out but it just wasn't happening. To make it easier, I held the mold under hot water for a couple seconds and then it pulled right open!!
So cool! I really had a [nearly] perfect round chunk of ice in my hand! I plopped it in my iced tea to see what would happen...

Yes, it looks really cool! I would def. use these for a party/get together! They just add a little extra detail to it all. It's the small things that count, right?!?
Of course the main purpose (to me) is too keep your drink cold for longer with less dilution. Well, yeah, it works! Typically with drinks, the ice is gone well before I'm able to finish. However, when I finally finished my drink, I still had a ball of ice at the bottom of my cup! Pretty awesome, right?

Overall, I wasn't crazy for how the darn things overflow when filled 'correctly' and how they need to be put under hot water to open. However, I absolutely love how they work! These would be great for a party or for taking your drink out in the hot weather. You don't have to worry about adding ice every 15 minutes! Also, the fact that it keeps your drink from becoming diluted is a huge plus in my book!

You can purchase these ice molds on AMAZON!


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