Sunday, October 26, 2014

Neil Diamond "Melody Road" Album Review

If you've ever caught yourself humming along to "Sweet Carolina" (So Good, So Good) or one of Neil Diamonds other hits, you'll be pleased to know that he has recently released "Melody Road". It has been 6 whole years since Neil has released a new album and his first since signing with Capital Records. With a physical album purchase, you will also receive a 36 page lyrics and guitar chords pamphlet. To help you get a feel of the album.....

"Melody Road" (the song)is a calming 'melody' about songwriting. With such a simple theme, it is easy to just sing along and leave all your cares behind you. Any time you need a little pick me up, this would be a perfect choice.

Then we have love songs like "Something Blue". This song is a story about a man who found the 'perfect for me' spouse. Somebody who may not be perfect, but is perfect for them. Once again, the lyrics are on the simple side, but with tremendous meaning, care and love. Couples of any age will appreciate Neil's idea of saying "Goodbye to my little bit of something blue".

Fans of Neil's 2 most recent albums will certainly enjoy this one just the same. Through out the album, you will even see a few similarities between some of the songs. Don't take my word for it, buy the album for yourself and have a listen.

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