Thursday, March 21, 2013

Garnier Fructise Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

So yay...I qualified for another BzzAgent Campaign! This time for Garnier Miracle Dry Oil! Thanks to Bzzagent, I got to try this stuff FREE! I will admit that I was a bit hesitant to try this as I usually don't have much luck with hair oils. Luckily, this is for your hair and your skin so I figured if it didn't work for one, it would probably work for the other. Before I tell you my results, I'll clue you in on what this stuff is!

The spray is made of three oils; Olive, Avocado and Shea. All three are very common and are probably ones you have used or at least heard of before. The oil is made for your hair, body and face! Multi-purpose anything is always a plus!
Here is what the back of the bottle tells us:
"The multi-use dry oil with olive, avocado and shea delivers rapid action nourishment to treat dry hair and skin without oiliness. It is perfect for everyday use on hair and body, and can even be used to treat dry areas on the face. For hair that shines with all its strength."

Well, here's my opinion on the oil...

For the HAIR:
I do have rather dry hair and am willing to try anything to give my hair a hydration boost! I followed the directions to a T, spraying sparingly about 6 inches away. I thought it felt a bit oily just touching it, so I combed through it really well. Afterwards, I could still feel a bit of 'oil' in my hair so I took a peek in the mirror. Unfortunately, I saw 'oily' hair instead of shiny!
I thought that I may have used too much even though it was just 4 or 5 sprays so I tried again. This time, I only put about three sprays in my entire hair (keep in mind, I have super long hair)! Unfortunately that did not work either. The 'oiliness' was a bit less, but still much to noticeable for my liking. I would not put this product in my hair and leave it anymore. I do plan on spraying plenty in my hair about an hour before I shower as like a pre-treat hoping that it'll help. We'll see how that goes! When it comes to hair alone, I must say that I would not recommend this product.

For the SKIN:
Seeing as it didn't work for my hair, I had high hopes that it would work for my skin. After all, I don't want the product to go to waste, that would drive me crazy!! I wasn't willing to try this on my face first because I was afraid that it would make my face shiny. Nobody likes a shiny face, right!?! So..I used a couple sprays on my arm. I took my hand and rubbed it in and immediately noticed that my hand was shiny! Then I looked at my arm and that was shiny too! Ugh...I was sooo upset! Once I got past the shine, I felt my skin where I had applied the oil. Luckily it was softer and felt better than before. Once I got a whiff of the oil, I had mixed feelings. It isn't something that most lotions/beauty products smell like, but it wasn't a bad scent either. It actually had an olive oily scent to me, which is better than what it could have smelled like!'s the good part... I kind of just forgot about the oil on my skin and looked again about 15 minutes later. Luckily, the shine was gone!! My skin still felt soft thank goodness! Overall, I would not buy this product for my skin, but it does's just not something that I'd prefer!

If you would happen to give this a try, or already have, please let me know what you think of it! I mean...maybe it's just me. Maybe my hair doesn't take to oil well...who knows!

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