Friday, March 15, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects

So y'all, I've got the most incredible thing to review for you today! This is something that I never would have picked up on my own in the store. However, I got it for FREE from Influenster in my Sweetheart VoxBox! Now I can't live without it! It. Is. The. Bomb. No joke!

Lets get to it! I'm going to be reviewing the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleansing System! Quite a long name for such a tiny machine! Rule number 1: DO NOT underestimate this sucker!!

What is it you ask?
Well, well.....have you ever used one of those vibrating toothbrushes? Yeah, it's basically like one of those (only better), but for your face! The entire machine from top to bottom is only about 4 inches! Shorter than my iPhone! I could carry this baby in my purse if I really wanted too! It also comes with a Shine, Shine Go Away cleanser which I will review later in this blog!

The Brush:
Isn't it cuuuute?! I love how the design and colors of the brush are so petite and girly! The first thing I noticed when I took the brush out was the shape of the head! It's a perfect triangle! You don't too often see this shape in cleansing brushes! I knew immediately without reading that it was to reach the contours of your face! It's the perfect shape for under you eye and any other hard to get spots! I'm sorry in advance for the creepy pictures but hey; I need to prove a point! xD

Then, I had to check out the bristles! To me, they feel like they would be rubber instead of plastic! I think that is a big plus! They are a bit on the firm side which I love because it 'massages' your face! Not to mention, my face feels cleaner rather than using anything with super soft flimsy bristles! They are quite short which makes it super duper easy to wash afterwards! All I do is rinse the head under cool water for a couple seconds and it's squeaky clean (just like my face, Wink Wink)!

Then there's the POWER! This little guy runs off of 1 AAA battery!! That is pretty incredible! I was psyched when I found out it took AAA instead of those little cell batteries that I would have guessed it took. Those things are so expensive. Plus, I pretty much always have AAA in my house so when my machine dies, I always have back-up! I couldn't live without it, ya know!! When you turn the machine on, you can hear the power behind it! When they say it vibrates, they really mean it vibrates!! I can see why it cleans 400% better vs. basic cleansing!

The Cleanser:
Ahhhhh...refreshing! I have never smelled a beauty product like this before! If Heaven were a scent, it'd smell like this! I don't know exactly what it smells like, but it's very light and clean smelling! I honestly can't get enough of the scent! When you get the cleansing system, it comes with a .68 Fl oz. tube of this. I know that sounds tiny, but you only need a pea sized dot for your entire face! Trust me...I know these things! Haha!

I've tried using the cleanser with my face wet, and with it just damp! I can tell you from experience that it works much better wet! When I tried it damp, the cleanser didn't really suds up much. I suppose that doesn't mean it isn't cleaning, but I need the suds for proof! So...before you even put cleanser on, run water over the brush head and wet your face! It'll give you the best outcome!!

Now, I'm not usually one to have 5 million positives and no negatives about an item; but I honestly can't find anything worth complaining about with the system! Trust me...if there was something, I would not hesitate to tell you! With all that said, I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone! At $13, this system is a STEAL! I'm actually amazed that it doesn't cost more, but hey...I'm not complaining!

Seeing as I just convinced you to go buy this (oh come on, you know I did! xD), you can buy it HERE or HERE!

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  1. <3 your review! Thank you for sharing!! - Influenster

  2. I recently just bought this and love it, it does the job and was a good price, and I actually like the cleanser it comes with, I will probably pick up the full size once I run out of the sample size it comes with.

    1. Yep, it's great! I've actually bought 2 more cleansers since I wrote this blog! (: