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Colgate Optic White Review

As promised (and I always keep my promises), I've got a detailed review of the Colgate Optic White regimen for y'all! As you may know if you read my previous blog, I qualified for the Sugar 'N Spice VoxBox from Influenster! All of the products were completely free including all three Colgate products that I am going to review for you! I've come equipped with pictures and all! Please...don't mind the pictures...I know they're kind of weird! Lol!

Anyhow....let's just jump right in!

The toothbrush....
Ya can't brush your teeth without a toothbrush, right? So why not start by reviewing that!
When I first opened the box, I just thought 'Oh cool, a new toothbrush'. I didn't realize that it was a 'special' toothbrush! It is supposed to help whiten your teeth more effectively when used with the Optic White toothpaste. I didn't even know that was possible to be honest.

After reading the back of the package, I realized how it works! The brush has three whitening cups that hold toothpaste for longer than a standard brush! How clever is that? The toothbrush also features a tongue scrubber on the reverse side! Personally, this is my favorite feature! Basically what it is, is tiny rubber 'spikes' if you will that scrub the ick off of your tongue! I have always just brushed my tongue with my toothbrush...and that isn't always so effective. The tongue scrubber works wonders and really leaves my mouth feeling cleaner! Have you ever had a toothbrush that just slips because the handle is all plastic? I know I have, and that's very frustrating! The 360 Optic White toothbrush has a rubber grip on the front and back so even if your hands are wet, it still does not slip! Not to mention, it makes the brush look more colorful! Last but not least, it has some cool blue scrubbing bristles. They look to me like they would have some texture on them, otherwise I don't know for sure what is different about them as opposed to regular bristles.

When using the toothbrush, I can't really say whether it actually helps whiten or not. It is hard to judge since I don't know what the results would be if I hadn't used the toothbrush. However, my teeth do feel squeaky clean (and my tongue too), so the toothbrush in general is very effective!

The toothpaste...
Oooo, what a pretty red box! The first thing you notice about this is obviously the shiny red box! If you don't walk down the toothpaste aisle and instantly spot this...well then you're just crazy! Of course...I'm only kidding, but you get the point!

The flavor of the paste is Sparkling Mint, which of course is an excellent name seeing as it'll give you 'sparkling' teeth (wink, wink)! Typically I don't care that much for whitening toothpastes because they tend to have an almost bitter flavor to them. Luckily for me, the Optic White was nothing like that. It actually tasted just like a standard toothpaste, minty and fresh! The flavor isn't so overpowering that it makes your eyes water, but it is quite minty and 'cold' if ya know what I mean! I know this is probably strange, but I love that the toothpaste is white. Yes, just white! I can compare it to the color of my teeth and use it as kind of a guide to see if my teeth are getting whiter (and of course dream that my teeth will someday be that brilliantly white - (;)!

I've noticed in the past with other whitening toothpastes that when I use them daily, my gums start to get soar. I was afraid of that with the Colgate as well. However, I have not yet had a problem with this! I did notice at one point, that my gums started to bleed a bit, but I'm 90% sure that was just from using a new toothbrush that I wasn't used to. After that one time, I never had that problem again.

On the box, it says that the toothpaste whitens in one week. Well...guess what? It just so happens that I had been using it for one week before making this blog! That means I can SHOW you the results. However, I'm going to make you wait until I finish reviewing all three items first. And with that....lets move onto the final item!

The mouthwash...
Out of these three items, the mouthwash was probably my least favorite for one reason. The taste. Every time when I first put the mouthwash in, there is almost a sour or tangy taste to it. However, It's not something that would stop me from buying it again. After you swish and spit it out, it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste. Actually, it is quite minty and fresh! The flavor of this as well is strong and 'cool', but definitely not overpowering.

If you're anything like me, you only use a whitening regimen once every 3 months or so. The reason that I bring this up is because of the size of the bottle. You can buy this mouthwash in an 8 oz. bottle, which is the perfect size for one 'treatment'. Once I go through the bottle of mouthwash, I could go back to a normal routine (non-whitening). When three months pass, buy another bottle of Optic White and go through the cycle again! It's like a built in stop watch! How nifty!


What everyones been waiting for...the RESULTS!
Before the pictures come up, I just want to let everyone know that this is what happened after 1 week only! With longer use, I'm nearly positive you would see better results! With what I have seen so far, I would definitely recommend the entire regimen to anyone! At $2.99 per item, this stuff is a steal!

This first picture is a before, day 1, day 3, day 5 and day 7 picture. The bottom right is a before and after picture.

This second picture is just a before and after picture! I would say that my teeth got about 1 shade whiter, but much, much brighter!




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