Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dasani Drops

Woohoo!! I was once again chosen for an Influenster program! This time, it was not a VoxBox mixed with a variety of items, but a brand specific box! probably already guessed it; it was for Dasani Drops!! Perfect for summer, right?!?

So first of all, I need to mention that I got this completely FREE from Influenster! If you're not already a member, you should totally join, you're really missing out! Influenster is a product review site where you occaionally get to try new products and leave your honest review! There are all sorts of fun activities that you get to do to win additional prizes as well! Writing a blog just happens to be one of them! Though, I would probably be writing this without it being a task as I enjoy writing.

Anyhow....onto the important stuff!

Dasani Drops are basically just a concentrated drink. You squeeze a couple squirts into a bottle (or glass/cup) of water to add a little zing! Yum! The nice thing about it is that you can make it as weak or flavorful as you like! I personally don't like a lot of those drinks that come already mixed because they are sometimes SOOOO strong! I'd prefer more of a mild flavor which is why these come in so handy for me!

I'm guessing you're probably wondering what flavor they are. Well, they come in:
Cherry Pomegranate
Strawberry Kiwi
Pineapple Coconut
Mixed Berry
Pink Lemonade
So take your pick!

When I received my VoxBox, it had Pink Lemonade and Cherry Pomegranate. Unfortunately the Cherry Pomegranate leaked all over so I wasn't able to try it! I did however, try the Pink Lemonade several times already! I love that it isn't extremely sweet! Many products similar to this have a 'diety' or awkward taste, this is different! You really can't tell that you didn't buy it already pre-mixed!

I also love how versatile it is! Heck, you can add it to whatever you want! I absolutely love adding it to pop...or soda if you'd prefer it be called that! I haven't really experimented with it in anything else but I'd imagine there are many other options to use it with.

Anywho....I'd definitely recommend y'all try this out! I think you'll love it! Please also be sure to Like, Follow and Review Dasani Drops at the links below!


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