Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Review & How-To

I'm not one huge on gluing things onto my fingernails, but when I received these for free in my Influenster VoxBox, I didn't hesitate to try them out. I've used many Kiss products in the past and have loved some while others fell short of my expectations. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect with these. I love French Manicure...but as mentioned earlier...I just don't like gluing plastic on my nails. I have however, used false nails in the past. I always tended to have a problem with them fitting around my cuticle correctly and it just made me frustrated.
My very first impression of these was that I was sure they were going to look really fake when applied. I guess I just assumed the nail should be clear with a white tip. Instead, they are tan colored. I was also really excited to see that they had the little tabs on the end. Believe's not much fun getting glue between your fingers (or stuck to the nail). Man that hurts to pull your fingers apart!  Of course I also noticed the length. I live in a rural area and do a lot of yard work so it just wouldn't make sense for me to wear really long nails. I like that there is a small amount of added length but nothing super crazy!

Aaaaanyway...before getting the nails and glue out, I had to prep my nails! They had grown out a bit so I wanted to make sure they wouldn't be longer than the everlasting French nails. Now wouldn't that have looked awesome!? Lol!'s what they looked like before I had even started. I read the packaging to see if you have to maybe use a file to make the nail slightly rough to get the Kiss nails to stick better. It turns out that that wasn't even necessary. Loved that as I feel like that is hard on my nails. The only thing mentioned is to wipe your nails down with acetone polish remover to clean them up. Knowing that I would get nail 'dust' on them from clipping, I left this step until last. So basically, you only have two preparation steps:
1. Trim nails to appropriate length

2. Wipe nails down with acetone polish remover

Then we have the photo on the right. Perfectly trimmed (not really!), freshly cleaned nails. Here comes the fun part. Many people would probably measure all of the false nails up for size...but I just went one by one. Starting with my pinky, I went through the small sizes to find one that fit the best. To my surprise, I found an exact fit! I grabbed the glue (which is very easy to open by the way (no cutting)), put a dot on and held the nail down for about 10 seconds (even though 5 is recommended). I lifted my finger up and BAM...the nail came with it. What the!?!?! Apparently I hadn't used enough glue. I used more glue this time (more than I thought I should need) and it worked just fine. By the time I was on my pointer finger, I was absolutely amazed that there was a size that fit every nail perfectly. Then comes the thumb. I don't know if I just have funky shaped cuticles on my thumb or what but I've never had any sort of false nail fit correctly. The bottoms are just never square enough. To get the correct shape, I had to use the included file to trim down the bottom. doesn't look as good as the rest, but it passes the test.
Ooo la la and a bit of flaw!!

The finished product! How perfectly do they fit?! Couldn't be better in my opinion. I love how the base color blends so well with my skin color. You'd never guess that they were just glue on nails...except for one small issue. Bubbles. If you look really closely at the picture, on almost every nail you can see spots that are slightly lighter than the rest of the nail (the thumb being the worst). For some reason, no matter how much glue I put on, I couldn't get those darn air bubbles out! Maybe I'm just a complete noob at this so please let me know if you have any tips. Luckily for me, people don't typically grab my hand to look at my nails so it probably won't be easily noticed. I notice it though, and it kinda drives me c-r-a-z-y! xD

When it comes right down to thoughts on the nails are far more positive than they are negative. I absolutely love how they fit so perfectly. I'm also on my....ummmm.....4th (?) day of wear and not one has fallen off. That's pretty insane seeing what they go through each day. The one and only thing I would change is of course the bubble issue! Thanks again Influenster and Kiss for the opportunity to discover a new product! And of course THANK YOU, blog readers, for reading! (:
-I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.-

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